CHIRUNNING: Run Easy and Pain-Free

Exhilarating. Effective. Pain-free. I believe everyone can experience running this way.

What is ChiRunning?


ChiRunning is based on movement principles of T’ai Chi, but you don’t need to know T’ai Chi to chi run. All you only need to know is how engaging your core can transform your running.

Chi (pronounced "chee") is the energy that unites body, mind, and spirit.

  • Energy moves from your core (also known as your “center” or “dantien”) into the limbs to create movement.
  • Engaging your core and relaxing your limbs allows your legs to support your body weight instead of pushing or pulling it forward.
  • When your structure is aligned and muscles and joints are relaxed, chi flows freely through the body and running feels effortless.
  • I teach you how to put it all together: good posture, relaxed focus and fluid form that combine to create efficiency and an injury-free running experience.